The Ultimate SEO Checklist

On-page SEO – The Ultimate Checklist

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Search engines are getting smarter every day, which makes it harder than just quality content to rank better. But, if you take proper actions for on-page optimization, it becomes easier to get a good reputation in the eyes of Google (and other search engines). I have curated a comprehensive on page SEO checklist that will help you to optimize your website for better rankings.

the ultimate checklist for on page seo


    • Do keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner.
      Find optimal keywords by looking for phrases having a large number of search volume and has low competition.


    • Do Competitor analysis
      Use web applications like SEMRushSpyfu



    • Use rich snippets.
      This post explains it very well.




    • Make google business page & do Local citations(if relevant).




    • Link to 2-3 authoritative sites with a dofollow link


    • Keywords
      Add keyword in the title tag(55 characters), meta description(155 characters), and H1 tag(only one per page), and in the URL of the post.


    • Have e meaningful URL
      Your URL must look something like this Google appreciates keyword in first three to five words of the URL. Also, do not use stop words in URL.


    • Check for duplicate content & update the content frequently once posted
      Must not be more than 10%Consider using LSI keywords.Keep the keyword content density around 1.5%


    • Make sure navigation is easy for the customers.
      Use proper menus and breadcrumbs


    • Check for canonicalization and canonical tag
      Read this shoutmeloud post to understand this better.


    • Add contact information and testimonials


    • Make sure you have secured certificate(SSL)
      Did I hear you say that your site isn’t e-commerce?
      Nevertheless, have this.


    • Use meaningful file name and alt tag for your images.


    • Make and submit robots.txt and XML sitemap
      This it to make sure crawlers are crawling your website correctly.



    • Have you done any SEO audit to check if everything is going correctly?


    • Check your website load time
      Website load time around 3.5 seconds is a good deal. Here is a screenshot from GTMetrix showing statistic for page seo - gtmetrix
      Plugins I used to make up to this score are – W3 total cache, WP performance score booster, and Fast velocity minify.Install CDN.



    • Have cross browser compatibility.
      You can use Browsershots to see how your website looks from different browsers.


    • Do Noindex the thin pages like category pages and tags pages.
      You don’t want to rank each category and tag page on Gooogle.


    • Customize 404 error page
      Check your 404 errors by going to webmaster tools dashboard > Crawl errors > Not found


    • Make your website mobile-friendly
      Use Google’s tool here to check how your website looks like in mobiles.


    • Must have 800-1000 words on each page.


    • Add links to review pages (Google review, Yelp review, etc.)
      Ask customers if they want to add a review on any of their preferred platforms.


    • It is always advised to make ‘REL=”NOFOLLOW” in your code.
      This is done to tell google not to harm your reputation because of spammy comments you might get.


    • Always monitor the bounce rate.
      It is said that Google doesn’t directly monitor bounce rates but if not bounce rate than some other similar metric.
      if you have a bounce rate around 30% is okay. You must be concerned if it is more than 40%. You can use plugins like External Links In A New Tab to increase on-site time and decrease bounce rate. Do internal linking for decreasing bounce rate. 2-3 Internal links is good.


    • Review this awesome comprehensive checklist of SEO tools!

I made this comprehensive on page SEO checklist to make sure that you don’t have to wander through different posts to find if you left any particular aspect. I have included all the aspects possible according to the current scenarios and SEO updates. Bookmark and share this on page SEO checklist! 🙂

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