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Comprehensive List Of SEO Tools To Boost Search Engine Ranking

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An Infographic 🙂

SEO tools are everywhere. One google search will enlist tens of thousands of websites, but as good content is there on the Internet, it is also filled with time-wasting spammy resources. I curated this list of SEO tools that has proved to actually boost search engine rankings. Of course, you don’t need to use them all. This list of SEO tools is exhaustive, meaning aimed to include as many quality tools as possible. You should use according to your needs. I have not used them all, but there is not a single one that I personally don’t know that works. In no order. Here goes the list of SEO tools 🙂

[Infographic] List of SEO tools
[Infographic] List of SEO tools

Detailed list of SEO tools (100+)



  • Google analytics
    (Do I need to introduce this one?)
  • W3 Counter
    (Shows analytics on from your visitors come from, what they do and what they love about your website)
  • Clicky
    (Monitor real-time traffic with a lot of features. A lot different from other)
  • Panguin
    (Analyze how your site is getting affected with Google’s updated algorithms)
  • Agency analytics
    (Tool that integrates with Google analytics, Youtube, Twitter and more)
  • Piwik
    (Full control of analytics on your desktop and on your mobile.)


Browser Extensions


  • Check my links
    (This chrome extension checks all the links on a web page and highlights the broken ones.)
  • ShareMetric
    (Shows social share count in the toolbar.)
  • SearchStatus
    (Firefox extension that allows you to check how any website is ranking.)
  • MozBar
    (Industry’s leading All-in-one SEO toolbar. Must use.)
  • SenSEO
    (Grades your site according to on-page SEO criteria.)
  • SEO Serp
    (Quickly check the list of sites on the given keyword. Pretty simple and handy.)
  • SEOquake
    (Checks a huge selection of SEO parameters on a given web page.)

Competitive analysis


  • Spyfu
    (If there is anything you need to know about your competitors, spyfu got it. I use spyfu all the time. Alternative is RivalIQ)Here is a peek at how spyfu’s dashboard looks like. Trust me, there’s much more in there than you can see
    spyfu - list of seo tools by deepkakkad.coom
  • SEMrush
    (Check it, must do!)

Content creation and optimization

  • Canva
    (Make graphics and infographics easily. You can use Piktochart or too! I personally am a Canva fan. I am attached to Canva because Guy Kawasaki is Canva’s Evangelist. He also founded Alltop. Cool!)
  • ContentGems
    (Automatically find relevant content and share everywhere.)
  • Headline analyzer
    (Tried some other headline analyzers, this one definitely wins.)

    This is what it looked like with the title of the current post.
    headline analyzer - list of seo tools by
  • Buzzsumo
    (Must have this tool in your bookmarks!)
  • Marketmuse
    (It compares your content with other content with the same keywords. Now, if you are missing some important keywords, it will remind you and decrease the gap.)
  • SEO mofo
    (Get a sneak on how will page your look like in Google’s result page.)
  • Outdated content finder
    (Find old outdated content for your keyword, read some insights from the past and use it in your content after jazzing it up a little bit.)
  • Triberr
    (A community of bloggers and influencers)

Conversion rate optimizer

  • Optimizely
    (Test your website with A/B tests.)
  • Kiss Metrics
    (Behavior analytics for driving growth)
  • Clicktale
    (Heatmaps with comprehensive details like mouse move, mouse click, attention, etc.)
  • Mouseflow
    (Live click tracking)

SEO analysis

Keyword Research

  • Ubersuggest
    (It gives ideas for content and a list of keyword from a single keyword.)
  • FreshKey
    (Keywords for Amazon, Bing, Google and more. Results are pretty good.)
  • Google keyword planner
    (Some don’t like it but it does give some pretty unique information.)
  • Bulk keyword generator
    (This one is very simple. Input about your local client’s service and it gives you keywords.)
    (Excellent keyword research tool that scrapes google auto-complete.)Take a look at its simplicity
    keywordtool - list of seo tools by deepkakkad
  • YTcockpit
    (An excellent youtube research tool. It considers length, views, likes, comments on videos. Recommended.)
  • Keyword difficulty tool
    (A tool by that analyzes the competitive landscape of a keyword and tell how hard it would be to rank for that keyword.)
  • SERPfox
    (Simply one fo the best rank tracking tool, as is Pro Rank Tracker.)
  • SERPstat
    (It has good unique keywords. It actually added some features like rank tracker, site audit, etc. Must give it a try.)
  • Long tail pro
    (Sort your results according to search volume, bid,  etc. This one is recommended.)
  • Linkbird
    (It does keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis and link building. Wow, that’s a lot!)
  • Wordstream keyword suggestion tool
    (Gives relevant suggestions for given keyword.)
  • Keyword eye
    (Signup and do keyword research for free.)

Link building & analysis

  • Dibz
    (Dibz help you find link opportunities)
  • Scrapebox
    (As they say, scrapebox is “Swiss army knife of SEO”. Well, there’s some grey-hat and even black-hat tactics in here but using it for its white-hat features could be a lot useful.)
  • My Blog Guest
    (Guest bloggers’ community)
  • SocialMonkee
    (I haven’t used this myself but if they actually do what they say, then it’s pretty impressive.)
  • Ontolo
    (Shows you a lot of link building opportunities by just keyword.)
  • OpenLinkProfiler
    (The freshest backlinks, for free.)
  • WebMeUp
    (A not-free backlink checker.)
  • Ahrefs
    (If you are in the industry, you already know. If you don’t, you must)
    (It helps you to quickly compile/clean a Disavow file, ready to upload to Google Search Console)
  • HARO
    (Help A Reporter Out. Seriously, help ’em out and get awesome backlinks!)
  • Majestic SEO
    (Find out how all the websites on the internet link to each other)

(Read my post on 9 Link Building Strategies For 2017)


Mobile app

  • SEO & Link analyzer
    (Derived from the Searchmetrics API you can easily analyze the rankings of a website’s URLs in search engine results pages)

Robots.txt and Sitemap checker

WordPress plugins

  • Squirrly
    (I personally use this one. Totally recommended)

    Here is how it looks when you have Squirrly installed
    squirrly - list of seo tools by
  • Yoast SEO plugin
    (In short, it does a lot of stuff. If you have Squirrly and Yoast both, it’s great. I do use both!)
  • All in one SEO pack
    (See this one as a competitor of Yoast. No, don’t ask me which one is better than the other. I’m confused too, as both are equally great)
  • SEOPressor Connect
    (Best of all SEO plugins)

Social SEO

  • BuzzBundle
    (Schedule posts, generate interactions, and much more)

Tools bundles and suites

  • Raven
    (Popularly used by marketers)
  • Internet marketing ninja SEO tools
    (Some of the best tools from On-page optimization to social activity counter, for free.)
  • Hive digital
    (Lots of free tools to check out!)
    (A few tools that can be very helpful. Check them out)
  • Traffic Travis
    (It does a lot from uncovering hidden keywords o finding linking opportunities. I personally recommend this one)
  • BrightLocal
    (If you want to do Local SEO, this is the swiss army knife!)
  • Rank Watch
    (This one does a lot of cool stuff like it triggers emails for ranking changes, low-hanging keywords, etc. Impressive!)
  • TopVisor
    (Now this one tracks ranking positions up to 1,000 ranks. Also, good for competitor tracking)
  • Fiverr
    (Fiverr is a marketplace where you can hire people to do various SEO tasks just for $5. Now, you must take caution before getting convinced by scammers promising you to get you on the first page of google in one day)


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I would love to know if I am missing any gem here. Let me know your list of SEO tools in the comments 🙂


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